My Place of Inspiration


There are two places I find inspiration to write.  One of those places is outside in nature where I can use all my senses to be present and know God surrounds me in all things.

The place I feel most inspired to write, is a quiet place. It is not a palace but it is home to a king. It is a small space, perhaps 2000 sqft. It is a place of rest and a place to just sit and listen. When I walk in, I am overwhelmed with peace. My eyes behold the presence of my king. He is adorned with the most ornate, golden attire. He waits for me as I enter, inviting me to sit and be present with him, to enjoy his peace, his comfort, his love as he embraces my eyes to adore him. I kneel before him and ask him to enlighten me with all that he wants me to hear in this present moment. He touches my shoulders and all the words swarming in my mind flow on to my paper. Words of His love, of His wisdom and His guidance, words of His peace and trust in Him, words from my pain, my sufferings and the beauty He has shown me that can exist from those ashes, all of these words flood my paper each time I am present in this place, each time I sit before Him. For in this place is death and resurrection. In this place is life itself, unending love and mercy. In this place is the body, blood, soul and divinity of my Lord, Jesus Christ, present before me in the Blessed Sacrament and in each breath of air and space. This is my place of comfort, peace and refuge. This is my place I find inspiration to write.

Why Do I Write?

A tough question to answer because I’m not quite sure. I have always been mathematical and analytically driven and writing was torture. As I began a new journey, seeking God, I began to write. My mind was infused with words and I was finding deep comfort. I was feeling as if my words placed on paper were communications of my heart and Jesus. My writing was becoming a refuge and comfort. I found the most comforting words and love abounded everything that I placed on paper. I sought love and received it and wrote about it. Diving into a piece of paper, the words in my mind and the conversations with Jesus were as real as I could have ever imagined. The love that surrounded me, the joy I felt amazed me in the struggles that I was going through. The only answer I can come up with is that I wrote because God gave me this gift to converse with Him, to feel safe and loved. Now I think He is asking me to share His love through this gift to others. I feel this is why I am writing. I pray it’s not about me but about what God wants to do through me as His vessel of love to at least one person. When I write I want it to tell a message of love, a message of God because it’s His story that is portrayed in each of us. He is the author of it all, the artist in each masterpiece.

This blog is a result of a blogging course… 😊

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining this journey in seeking Jesus deeper in our hearts.  This journey began when we opened our hearts and asked Him to reveal His presence in all things.

“Man was created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord and in this way to save his soul.  The other things on Earth were created for man’s use, to help him reach the end for which he was created” – St Ignatius of LoyolaDSC_8017