Life Giving Water


I always find that nature teaches us so much about life.  It is awesome to just sit or walk along a stream of water or just watch a waterfall.  We can learn a lot about our journey by watching a water stream flowing.  Each moment we have in life is never the same, just as the water that is flowing before our eyes is never the same water.  Life continues to move just as the stream continues to move.  The directions may change as there may be twists and turns.  There may even be spots where the water free falls.  When obstacles get in the way of flow, the water flowing may change speed, yet it still finds a way to move around it and continue to flow.  In our own life journey, when things don’t go our way or we are met with resistant, often we may become anxious or upset.  Life continues to move.  The beauty of the water stream we observe is that there is life all around it and within it.  If the water becomes stagnant and has no way to move or be refreshed, it can become toxic, and not be life giving.  Keep this thought for a second.  Let’s parallel that to Jesus.  In John 7:37, he says “If any man is thirsty, let him come to me!  Let the man come and drink who believes in me!” and about another verse down it says “from his breast shall flow fountains of living water.”  So as I reflect on the life giving stream of water flowing in nature, I draw parallels to my own self knowing that there is life giving water flowing within me.  This life giving water is my faith in Jesus.  Each time I come to him, he strengthens me and satisfies my thirst in a way that no one or nothing else can.  If I fail to come to him, am not refreshed with his life giving water, and my life remains stagnant in the wasteland of adversity then my life will be barren and toxic.  As my journey continues to flow, if I want it to bear fruit along the landscape of my life, it is imperative that I keep Jesus as the center and continue to come to him, refreshing my soul and pouring life into my heart.  Have you come to Jesus lately and allowed him to refresh you?  Have you just sat with him in the stillness of your heart, inviting him to renew you?  If you are feeling lifeless, stuck in the barren wasteland, invite him to sit with you and fill you with this “life giving water” he offers to each of us.


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  1. Realized after reading passage that I am to float not paddle today as I feel restlessness in today’s long list of things to complete. Such discontent—time to hear the flow and stop splashing.

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  2. Just beautiful……
    This spoke to me. I feel you have a gift of writing.


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