Happy Easter! He is Risen!

pexels-photo-953075.jpegAt his first Easter Vigil Mass as the Holy Father, Pope Francis said, “To remember what God has done and continues to do for me, . . . to remember the road we have traveled—this is what opens our hearts to hope for the future” (Easter Vigil Homily, March 30, 2013).

Easter is a time of hope, new life. On this day, we acknowledge that Jesus is not in the tomb but He is journeying along side us. He is risen and resides within our hearts, the core of our being.

It is a time to reflect upon our past and all the times God’s hands were present, picking us up when we fell, giving us strength to endure, filling our hearts with joy, giving us peace in a difficult moment. When we reflect upon what He has done in our past journey, we must look for a new hope, a new journey before us, that is full of His love, and His peace.

Today we celebrate that He lives within us as “our hearts [burn within us]”, Luke 24:32. He gives us His peace and no one can take that from us unless we choose to give it to them. This peace and new life within us is the result of pain and suffering, death on a cross. It is a result of a greater love that burns within us each day. So today as you celebrate the risen Lord, celebrate hope for a new journey guided by Christ as He is in you.

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