Stepping Stones

pexels-photo-914780.jpegHave you ever imagined your life a river guiding you on a spiritual journey to God? When you first jump in, it’s so exciting, you feel God so present, you see Him in front of you.  There are stepping stones in front of you making it easier for you to journey through the river towards Him.

Then one day the stepping stones in front of you in the river are gone and you have no place to go. You begin to panic and then you see this house on the river bank, safe and secure. The only path is backwards to this house. You know you don’t want to go backwards, you want to move forward. You stand still on the stone you are standing on, take a deep breath, say a prayer and a stepping stone appears in front of you. You take another breath and another stone appears. With every breath, with every prayer a stone appears in front of you. You take another and you wait for the stone but it doesn’t appear and then you look at the river bank and notice that God is delicately choosing the perfect stone to lay in front of you. He is tearing down the house stone by stone, tearing down your attachments as you breathe Him in, rest in Him in prayer, rely on Him, trust in Him.

Every time we allow these attachments to be torn down, dismantled, we grow closer to God, our spiritual journey continues and there are no boundaries as the river will continue to flow and God will continue to guide us, laying each stone in front of us. This was a reflection from a book I read sometime ago “Inner Compass”.

Our attachments come in many shapes and forms.  They can be our careers, money, our children, our children’s activities, our friends, our cell phones, our hobbies, our worries, fears, etc.  Anything that we place focus on or rely on above God.  Some may seem right and just.  We should place the care of our family as a priority in our lives, but when we begin to leave God out of the equation in our families, it becomes a disordered attachment.  Perhaps, instead of going to church on Sunday, we decide to support our children in a baseball tournament or soccer tournament.  May be, we go to our friends to tell our deeps concerns and issues before we pray to God and ask Him for guidance.  Fear and worry are huge disordered attachments many of us may hang on to.  When we don’t take these concerns to God, we dwell on them and they begin to define us.

When we have disordered attachments in our lives, instead of giving us life they begin to draw the life from us.  We begin to struggle with sustaining our relationship with God because we aren’t placing Him at the center.  We aren’t allowing ourselves to be guided and strengthened through Him because we are relying on these other things to bring us life.

Review the things in your life that are bringing you life and the things that are sucking life out of you.  Perhaps the things that are sucking life out of you are the bricks that you need to ask God to tear down and place in front of you so that you can continue to follow Him in the river along the journey He has planned for you.

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