Hope and joy filling the air

“I am about to create new heavens and a new earth. The things of the past shall not be remembered or come to mind. Instead, there shall always be rejoicing and happiness in what I create…”

Isaiah 65:17-18

Have you worked on a project and created something that you didn’t think you could?  Or saw something magnificent being formed, such as watching a cocoon transform into a butterfly or a seed you planted grown into a beautiful flower?

Creating or watching creation can be a very exciting moment.  I often wonder does God jump in excitement and joy when He sees the fruit of His works in us. I can imagine the celebration, as He says “it is beautiful”.

Just a few more weeks to go in our journey and been anticipating hope in the daily readings, especially as spring has arrived. Yippee! Today, I found joy as hope peeked through the readings from Isaiah 65 and Psalm 30. 

Creation and joy abound us as spring bounces before our eyes. Flowers are blooming, filling the landscape with a beautiful array of color. The time changed, giving us more daylight to enjoy. The birds have been very vocal, singing songs of gladness, early in the morning.

What parallels can we draw from the birth of spring and our spiritual journey during this season of Lent?

For me, it reveals HOPE.  This hope is surrounded by life.  Winter has passed.  Life and light sprout from the death and darkness of the cold winter season.  Our own spiritual darkness and death are passing.  Joy of new life within us springs into our being, bursting forth as a new creation.  Through these past few weeks of Lent, God has been preparing the soil, tilling it.  We found it a bit uncomfortable at times as He moved us deep in our hearts, uncovering weeds and dead roots we buried.  Now, the fruits of the tilling are beginning to sprout, peaking through with excitement, waiting for the day it will rise into the glory the gardener has planted it for.

Just like creation we see blooming around us, excitement found in the birds, we too are rejoicing with gladness.  Our darkness is passing and God is wiping the slate clean in our heart.  He is making the final touches so that we are prepared to rise and rejoice on Easter. 

Doesn’t this bring excitement and glory into your soul?  Enough excitement to sing as the morning light shines upon you?

Perhaps our invitation today is to be aware of the changes before us and sing with gladness, knowing there is hope all around us of life from death, and light from darkness.

Lord, I open my eyes to the beauty You are creating before me.  Today, I want to embrace this hope in my journey that Your creation reveals to me.  May the darkness in my past be washed away, making room for the new creation within me that is ready to sprout through the soil You have been preparing. Amen

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