pexels-photo-574116.jpegIf I say, “Surely darkness shall hide me, and night shall be my light” – darkness is not dark for you, and night shines as the day.  Darkness and light are but one.  Psalm 139:11-12

Have you gazed up at the night sky lately?  Have you embraced the wonders of the universe through the blanket of darkness, sprinkled with tiny little lights, revealing the end of the day and the hope of a new day?  Can you feel the intimacy of the creator by gazing up on His magnificent creation of the universe that is far from your grasp, yet closer than your next breath?

The night sky is magnificent to gaze up on.  A few months ago, I visited this quiet little cottage in the middle of nowhere.  This cottage is a place where I can intimately speak to God without any distractions from my daily life.  During this visit, I had decided I would just lay out on the ground under the night sky and gaze up on the beauty of the night.  As night began to fall, the clouds blanketed the sky and there appeared to be no stars in view.  Of course I knew they were there, hidden behind the clouds.  As I continued to gaze the stars began to surface one by one filling the night sky with a beautiful light in the great darkness.

As I gazed up on the sky, I was reminded of the darkness in my life and how in that darkness, light was sprinkled in.  That small glimmer of light sparked a journey full of hope and joy.  It became my compass, just as the star was the compass for the 3 wise men. God knows when I’m in darkness and need Him to guide me. He knows when to send that small twinkling light to guide me into a brighter light, a joy filled place of hope and love. Just as He knows when I need a shimmer of light, He knows when you do.

Next time you look upon the night sky remember that God is present in the darkness as well as in the light.  Just as you gaze up on the night sky, God gazes up on you.  He knows every move you make, every thought you think, how many cells are in your body, and how many hairs are on your head.  You cannot run from Him or hide from Him.  He takes your hand and guides you.  He brings light into the darkness as “darkness and light are but one”.

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  1. Just beautiful……


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