The Companion

When I walked in the desert, I felt alone.  My heart was distant, anxious and alone.  I thirst but was not satisfied.  I longed for something more but could not find it.  My mind searched as my feet shifted the grains of sand beneath them.  The desert winds tossed me here and there as the sand whirled around me and I could not see.  I was blinded by all that was swirling around me until I caught a glimmer of movement.  “Please rescue me from this storm” I yelled.  “I can’t breathe any longer.”  I began to focus on this movement beyond the whirlwind around me that was within my reach.  Suddenly, the winds calmed and there You were, my constant Companion, my Refuge.

When I walked along the river alone and distracted.  I hungered for something but could not find satisfaction from the fruits along the path.  I longed for more and searched here and there with no gratification.  My mind wandered into the past as I stumbled and fell.  Into the raging river, my body was swept away.  I was tossed and turned beneath the water’s furious current.  From beneath the water surface I could see a hand reaching down.  I yelled, “Help me. I’m drowning.”  As I focused on this hand above me, I was pulled from the raging waters and there You were, my constant Companion and Refuge.

A volcano is where I ventured to dwell in my pain and suffering.  My fears surrounded me and overcame me as I ventured alone.  When I approached it’s base, it began to erupt.  The lava surrounded me, trapping me as the heat around me intensified.  Nearby I could see a figure.  As I looked upon it, I began to yell, “Help me, please.  Release me from this fire.  Please don’t let it consume me.”  As I focused on this figure, I was lifted from the fiery lava and there You were, my constant Companion and Refuge.

As I dwell in the desert, drown in the raging river or am consumed by the fiery heat of a volcano, You are my Companion, opening your arms with love and telling me I’m never alone.  Your love and companionship is constant.  It is I who ventures off, leaving You, ignoring You.  When I place my focus on You, “Through rivers, [I] shall not be swept away.  When [I] walk through fire, [I] shall not be burned, nor will flames consume [me].”

We are never alone when we welcome Jesus to be our Companion and Refuge.  Your anxieties, distractions, pain and sufferings, although present are second to His presence.  He rescues you and provides all that you are longing for – His loving presence.

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