A Captivating Banquet

eucharist-body-of-christ-church-mass-161081.jpegWhen I am invited to your banquet, you captivate me.  My heart is wide open.  I’m ready to embrace all that you offer.  I kneel in your presence anticipating this feast.  I long to taste all that you are, to be consumed as I consume your body and blood.  The moment draws near, my heart beats faster with eagerness and delight.  I slowly approach and bow in your presence.  My heart skips a beat as my body becomes weak.  There in front of me your body is revealed, illuminated and perfect as the priest offers it to me.  I see you veiled in the priest.  You place yourself up on my tongue, the sweetness of honey, the bread from heaven.  To your cup I approach and your blood I intake.  How precious and great is this kiss to my lips?  As I walk to my pew, I feel your presence through my veins and in my heart, your body imparts the sweetness of love.

In this beautiful gift small and meek, a grand entrance of love manifests within me.  I can’t contain the tears as they flow from my eyes offering praise and thanksgiving for all you have given.  You sacrificed yourself upon that cross that I glance up on in this moment.  A river of mercy and love for me and mankind streamed as my tears do right now.  How can I repay you for such a grand gift?  You whisper to my ear “accept my love and follow me”.  I can no longer refuse.  “Here I am at the foot of your cross, waiting for your hand and your guidance.”

Have you been captivated lately?  Have you taste of the sweetest love, savoring within your heart and soul?  Have you longed for a greater love?

Open your invitation that was sent to you this week to the most marvelous banquet.  You are sure to fall in love with the one who is waiting for you to celebrate his love for you.

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