A Masterpiece


Years ago, my daughter had just noticed that she was getting freckles and was upset. I told her that God was painting them on her face and that she was his beautiful painting. Later, I started thinking about that a little more in regards to life…. Our journey through life is exactly that – God’s work of art.

Through every trial and suffering, through the people we cross everyday, through the joyful moments, and the challenging ones, He is carving and molding us into a work of art, His work of art. He is never done with us. He is always moving us, pushing our boundaries outward. All we have to do is invite Him in to do so. Allow Him to do so. Accept what is happening to us. Trust that He knows what He is doing and that He will create the most perfect, most beautiful piece of art work with each moment, each person in our life – challenging and non-challenging.

Through it all, He will not make a mistake. He will not let you fall and shatter. Do you accept the invitation? Are you willing to allow God to shape you into something you could never imagine, you could never do or be on your own? Will you allow Him to paint your freckles, make you His masterpiece?

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