The Colors of My Journey

As I sit in the still of the day, my thoughts stream through my mind like an array of colors. Each color represents an aspect of my life. They signify the many challenges, joys, successes, and heart aches that have transpired through my life. I didn’t always realize God’s presence in the mist of this rainbow of colors. As I sit listening to the sounds of the water falling drop by drop and feel the breeze of the wind touching each inch of my face, I know that God was there through every step as these colors emerged in my life. He was watching as I took my first breath, my first steps, said my first words and He just smiled. He was present when I was tempted by the enemy and disobeyed my parents, as He whispered I forgive you and I love you. He was listening when I said my first prayer and He thanked me. As I grew into a woman, He marveled in the person He was creating me to be. He was tugging at my heart when I didn’t realize it. When the clouds were dark and the storm whirled in, He sent me help in the form of a friend. She comforted me and guided my spirit, just as He asked her. An ember He added to spark my soul, warming my desire for Him. This is the time that I would begin to grow in a love so great. I was unaware of what was happening, as I walked this journey trying to survive a life that seemed tough. As the time passed on, my determination bore fruit. My successes grew larger, a degree, marriage, a home and a daughter. Each a joyful gift that He placed in my care. I still had no clue that He was still preparing me for something more, a struggle and a growth as the river flowed through the colors of my life. He lit a flame from the ember that He implanted. It warmed my soul for so much more. I thirst and I hungered to know Him more. I knew He had a purpose for me that was larger. I searched and I pondered, looking here and there. He enlightened my soul and the colors seemed brighter as my relationship and my spirit with Him strengthened. He was still preparing me for events to come. He was laying a foundation, steady and strong to endure an event that was the greatest struggle of them all. He held my hand as I endured the storm of storms, guiding my path by each step that I made. He cradled me when I felt I couldn’t go on any more and strengthened me with His love to continue the journey. Today I look back and I see each color vibrant and bright as the flame from the ember continues to burn and my faith in His presence continues to grow with joy, peace and happiness.

Categories: Faith

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