Unveiling the heart

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Have you had your heart broken? Have you been in a failed relationship, with a spouse, a friend, a family member? Have you shielded your heart because of the broken relationship?

Brokenness is a part of our weak, sinful human nature. Almost everyone experiences a broken relationship at some point in their life. What is important to recognize, I think, is what we tend to do with that brokenness.

Do you take it and bottle it up, hoping it stays there? Do you perceive everything beyond that as shattered before it begins? Do you fear it because you are afraid of being hurt, afraid of the brokenness?

Recently I have realized a big nugget in my life and my faith. Or shall I say God revealed it to me. I have had a number of broken relationships, some very important. For some time now, I really felt or thought that I was open to being loved, to allowing myself to be loved, to embracing relationships in my life. Earlier this week, after listening to a mission talk at church I realized I have not been as open as I thought. In fact, I had not been truly living life as God is placing it before me, seizing the moments, particularly when it comes to relationships. As I sat in prayer, God pointed out that I had placed this shroud around my heart, not truly allowing me to be open to seeing the things He was placing in my path to seize. He whispered to my heart that I needed to unveil it, to trust Him with my heart and allow Him to bring forth all He wants for me, to love and be loved.

This is a major step in my spiritual healing, actually a step I thought I had reached already. I was quite surprised that I had only covered it with a pile of leaves and walked right over it. A few weeks ago, I blogged about open heart surgery, on a spiritual realm. I think this is an example of another heart surgery, may be not open heart but a heart cleansing, cleaning up the muck surrounding it.

Dear friends, I ask you have you evaluated your heart lately? Have you noticed an armor around it, placed there by you? Is it murky and muddy around it so that you can’t see the goodness God is placing before you? Healing of brokenness is a long process and what I am learning from this process is that sometimes you may mask spaces that need healing, thinking you have reached a summit of healing when in reality you have only veiled it and moved forward. Have you veiled your heart?

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