Are you infectious with small acts of kindness?

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Sometimes it is difficult to see the face of Christ in the world we live in.  The news, social media and even in our own relationships, there are tremendous amounts of turmoil and ugliness.

In a scene in the Lion King, Simba looks in the water and sees the reflection of his father.  At this point he realizes that his father lives within him and he decides to fulfill his calling as the rightful king of the pride. 

What a vivid image we can apply to our Christian lives.  We are called to reflect the image of Christ in our lives by the way we love.  Mother Teresa said we cannot all do great things in the world but “we can do small things with great love”.  It is Christ within each of us that allows us to fill the ocean with great love through the small acts of kindness we are called to do.  Without those small drops of love, “the ocean would be less”.

Perhaps you have these moments like me and you throw a little pity party.  My invite list includes: I’m not good enough, despair, no one will notice, it won’t matter… you get my drift of the party list.  At the end of the day, there is someone who notices. 


It does matter and I am good enough to do whatever small act He is asking me to do.  Every act I do out of love, no matter how small or how big is impactful to someone or something. 


Because that act of love is from God.  It is a reflection of Him within me. That pity party tries to convince me that the drop in the ocean is so small, it will go unnoticed and not make any differences. Yet, God speaks to my heart and says that without that drop “the ocean would be less”.

The greatest example I have is exerting a few muscles in a simple smile. So often, I receive compliments on my smile, even from complete strangers.  When I smile, I know I am reflecting the love of Christ from within me.  Logical reason tells me it must impact others in a positive, loving way. This smile He plants on my face, is anything but a pity party and it proves to my invite list that something as small as a smile can create a ripple effect in a large ocean. 

Image what else I can do, or you can do with small acts of love.  Each drop fills the ocean with love, displacing hatred, pain, revenge, bitterness, and anger. 

Are we ready to infect the world with LOVE? Let’s create a pandemic of love by being infectious with small acts of kindness.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the blessed post.🌹👍🙏


  2. Just want to say I love your blogs. Thanks for all that you share. It really inspires me. I don’t like to read but I have read every post you have that has been sent to me.


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