Cleansing of the heart

“Thoroughly wash me from my guilt and of my sin cleanse me.  A clean heart create for me, O God, and a steadfast spirit renew within me.”

Psalm 51:4,12

After you’ve had a long day, perhaps worked outside or just worked in the office, what is the one thing in the evening that relaxes you, washes away the soil of the day? 

A warm bath or shower!

Somedays that bath or shower is like a renewal, refreshing of the body and the mind.

When my oldest daughter made her first confession, she walked out of the church, threw her arms in the air and said joyfully, “Yes, I’m clean. It’s like I’ve taken a bath.” Isn’t that exactly what confessing our sins and receiving absolution is? A deep cleaning, refreshing of the soul, washing of the soil in our hearts.

Many years ago, at a retreat a lady at my table shared with the group that she would pray Psalm 51 when she went to confession.  This Psalm is a plea for God’s mercy and compassion.  It’s a plea of cleansing and making us new.  Isn’t that also what our Lenten journey is about – searching within and shedding light on the darkness to bring life to our relationship with God through Jesus.

God shed mercy on the Ninevites when they turned their eyes back towards Him in repentance. He does the same for us. I invite you to make the best of your Lenten journey. Sit in a quiet space and thoroughly examine your conscience. Where are the areas in your heart that need healing and forgiveness? Then approach God, making a sincere confession to Him so that He may cleanse you.

Lord, I come to you from the depth of my heart, pleading for your mercy and compassion.  Cleanse my heart of my inequities and renew my spirit as I journey through this season so that I may grow deeper and closer in relationship with You.

Blessings to you all on this very day that God created for you.

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