Rough edges

“Unless I wash you, you will have no inheritance with me.”

John 13:8

What do your feet reveal to you?

If we truly looked at our feet, perhaps even if they could talk, what would they tell us? A body part instrumental to our journey, knowing every place we travelled and every rough terrain we encountered.

Yesterday, I blogged about the imaginative prayer experience, allowing Jesus to wash my feet. I really didn’t mention what I felt spoken to my heart.

As I sat there, I heard Peter refuse Jesus’ gesture. Jesus’ response struck me as I thought of my own feet. They can be very rough around the edges, especially when I don’t take any care of them.

Engaged in the reading and listening to the speaker as the meditation continued, I could feel Jesus speaking to my heart similar words he spoke to Peter. “Unless you surrender, allowing me to nurture the rough edges, you will remain restless.”

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In our journey, we often meet some rough patches.  For each of us they come in various shapes and sizes.  In some cases, they are wounds inflicted on us.  In other cases, financial turmoil of some sort.  At the end of the day, the burdens are heavy and they leave us restless.  All to often, we resist surrendering them to Jesus.  We may not want anyone to see them.  We may feel we have it all under control and we are totally fine. 

Just as Jesus tells Peter it is necessary that he surrender, allowing him to cleanse his feet to have an inheritance with him, he speaks to us about the rough edges in our journey. Unless we surrender and allow him to smooth those rough edges by nurturing us, healing the brokenness, we remain restless.

Today, on this Holy Thursday, I invite you to sit in a quiet space and imagine Jesus sitting at your feet. Ask yourself how do you feel about giving him your feet to wash and nurture with his gentleness and love. What about the burdens you are carrying today? Do you feel some resistance? What do your feet reveal to you? Do they reveal shame? Are they rough? Has the journey been so tough they are scarred?

Lord, today I surrender all the things in my journey that are weighing on my shoulders and creating restlessness within me. Cleanse my heart and my soul, smoothing out the roughness my wounds have left behind so that I can completely embrace You today. Amen

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  1. Amen! I love it. You said it beautiful. I was just sitting this morning messaging my feet, removing all the rough edges. Yes, Jesus can have all of me. I have learned to submit all of my cares to Him, even the rough edges. He cares for us.


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