Mercy: Finding Love Through a Journey in the Desert

I started this Lenten journey gung-ho. I was going to write each day as I journeyed through brokenness in the parched desert to finding love in anticipation of the ultimate example of love.

Right out the gate of Lent, life hit and my world was consumed with struggles to embrace and venture through. A week later, I realize that perhaps this was a part of my journey of finding love or shall I say experiencing and practicing love through mercy and compassion.

I had been struggling with one of my daughters. Most days, we found ourselves lacking peace. I kept telling myself it’s just this age and kept praying for a connection.

And then it happened, a call from the school. I immediately began to think about what the best consequence was for her. Then we had a conversation, multiple in fact. I realized I needed to show her mercy and compassion. She needed me to really listen to her, see her words and feel her heart. That moment changed something between us. She still had some consequences, but she knew I heard her and was her advocate.

This taught me a lesson about God’s love for me. Even though I’m imperfect and I fall into sin, God shows me merciful and compassionate love. Sure, I still have consequences to make reparation for my sins, but He hears my heart.

That day I heard not only my daughter’s voice but also her heart. Connecting to the heart through mercy and compassion results in a special kind of unity, a deeper discovery of love. That’s what Jesus did for us on that Good Friday, he connected the heart of God to our heart by offering us a way of mending our relationship with God and others.

Perhaps this week, we are invited to reflect on that merciful and compassionate love. This might result in an invitation to reconciliation, or preparation of your heart for confession. Maybe it’s a quiet moment with God recalling the times He poured out mercy and compassion in your past. Or an invitation to pour out mercy and compassion to another in your life.

Embrace your journey through the desert to the endless flowing stream of life-giving water. Christ is holding out His arms on the cross to show you just how much He loves you. Are you ready to draw near?

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