God’s phenomenon

They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles’ wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Ever notice something unique in nature that grabs your attention? In that moment, did you stop to listen to what the Holy Spirit may be telling you?

One morning I found myself sitting on my deck searching for something. I had been struggling with feeling the presence of God in my daily life. I wasn’t excited to wake up in the morning to spend time with God, my prayer time felt extremely distracting and God didn’t appear to show up on my walks around the pond anymore. On this particular day, I was contemplating my relationship with God and the many things swarming around me, when I looked up and was mesmerized by these birds circling and moving forward.

I knew there had to be a scientific explanation for this phenomena. So, I googled it. Quite interesting learning for me. Birds find these pockets of warm air that are called thermals, created by uneven heating of the air near the ground. These thermals lift the birds up like elevators. As they are lifted higher, they are able to soar and find another updraft. Birds will search for these and circle around to remain in them to conserve their own energy during their flight.

I’m not sure anyone would search for heat in their journey but I thought this aid from Mother Nature intriguing and relatable to how God lifts us in the midst of “heat” in our lives. Often this lifting may not be as noticeable but when we recognize this help, we are able to soar and conserve our energy by trusting the one who is doing the lifting.

Have you felt God lifting you from the heat surfacing in your life?

Recently my daughter shared an essay she wrote about the most impactful moment in her life. As I read the essay, I realized that years ago during a very difficult struggle in our lives, little things I felt went unnoticed made great impacts on her story. Reading her story revealed that during this time I was learning to trust God in a very hard season of our lives, how much he lifted not just me but her as well.

Sometimes He is so subtle yet so big.

I invite you to pay attention to how your journey moves and peace falls upon you when you place your trust in God the next time life feels like a furnace. Sometimes you may just need to look up. May the love and peace of the Lord be with you.

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