Are you present?

Presence is defined as “being with one or others or in the specified or understood place”.

Swinging on the porch of a little cottage in Waco, TX, I wondered how present I’ve been lately as I listen to the birds chirp, and watch the horses.

This is being present, right? Or is this the setting for a deeper presence? A space where the distractions of the world are gone and an invitation for presence awaits?

Lately, my daughter decided we should pick a location within an hour or two and just drive a day during the weekend. No real agenda when we get there. The first few times we did, I thought she had an objective or some real interest in the destination. The last trip we made, I looked over and watched as she just enjoyed the drive. As I watched her, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about presence. It wasn’t about the destination. She enjoyed my presence in the car with her, just the two of us. There were no distractions and no one else. That little whisper spoke to my heart that this is exactly what God wants. He wants me to be present with Him, with no distractions.

100% focus!

God didn’t create us because He needed us. Our journey is not truly about the next victory, the next promotion, the house we buy or the vacation we take. It’s really about how we build our relationship with God and desire what he desires for us. He created us to desire a relationship with Him. In that relationship, we find moments of true presence to discover guidance and a joy that can only be found in that presence.

The world camouflages our ability to be present through all the noise. And to find that presence, we may need a backdrop that drowns out the distractions.

Perhaps take Jesus on a date. Dress up, put your best makeup on and get a table for two with your Bible and just converse with Him. Or have lunch with Him. Meet Him in the chapel and just sit with Him. Or just sit on a bench or a swing and listen to Him as He speaks to your heart.

Each of us will find presence with God in different ways. The important piece is to invite Him into the space we’re in, give Him our focus and allow Him to speak to us.

“You will show me the path to life, abounding joy in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.”

Psalm 16:11

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  1. Thank you! So perfect to begin this day at the seminary! God bless! 🙏✌️


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