Are we ready?

I am sending my messenger to prepare the way before me.  And the Lord whom you seek will come suddenly to his temple. 

Malachi 3:1

Excitement fills the air as Christmas approaches.  In a short few days we rejoice and welcome the new born King. 

Are we ready? 

Have we made the necessary preparations?

Throughout the season, we have been shopping, decorating and preparing a menu for Christmas dinner.  Have we been preparing our hearts to welcome Christ?  You may say, but I already know Christ – He is already welcome within my heart.  What about welcoming Him deeper into your heart?  What about those little sins that you continue to go to confession for?  What about your prayer life, your time spent with Jesus?  What does this look like within your heart?  During this season of Advent, have you taken the necessary step to prepare, to cleanse, to refine your heart like “gold,” purifying it by skimming the layers of impurities from the surface?

As I read Malachi, I look back on my Advent preparation and see the little nudges, the little whispers that have opened my eyes to see areas in me that need to be refined, that I need to work on to purify my heart and align with Christ in my life. 

As Christmas approaches, my heart leaps in excitement, anticipating Christ coming deeper into me, a temple for Him to be born and fulfill His plan. 

Sweet sisters and brothers, God is with us and these things we still need to refine, He will continue to help us work through.  Our preparation was to open our eyes to these areas and seek Him so that on Christmas morning, He would “come suddenly to his temple.”

Perhaps our invitation today is to take a small break (5 minutes) from the busy preparations with our families and examine our hearts, ensuring we have prepared a way to allow Him to be born deeper within as we seek Him to fill this temple.

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