The Transformation

CSC_8148Many of us are aware of the process of the caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly.  The unique thing about this process is that while in the cocoon the caterpillar disintegrates all it’s tissue except these imaginal discs that metamorphosis into the wings, legs, eyes, antenna, etc of the butterfly by division of cells.  The caterpillar basically completely dies and is rebirthed into a beautiful butterfly.  Along our journey in life, many of us experience this very same process of death and rebirth.  The life giving cells that bring about our rebirth can only come from one source, God.  Over the years, I have felt that I personally have gone through this process but it really wasn’t until recently that I realized the amazing beauty of this process, to be transformed in one sitting, to have joy completely fill your core.  To tell my story is to tell of this transformation of a caterpillar that retreated into a cocoon and eventually died within but was reborn into beauty, filled with life.  This life and this beauty is my faith and how God has revealed Himself to me through my Catholic faith and my community.  To tell of my story, is to tell of His presence and His hand immersed within the story.  My story could never be without the presence of Jesus, without His love and it could never be without the suffering.  The landscape of my story is the fruit of His presence.  The life within my story is the life giving water that sits at the core of my being, my faith and trust in a Father that is love and makes all things new, even the ashes.  It is in my suffering that new life was birthed, the cocoon was formed, the caterpillar disintegrated and the beautiful butterfly immersed through my faith and a Father that will never give up on me, but will always make all things good.

Categories: Faith, Hope

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