An Invitation

Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling depressed, hurt, lonely, broken, unworthy?  Feeling joyful, happy, excited?  Do you think God meets you in all these regards?  If your answer is yes, then you are on to something.  If your answer is no, then let’s take a look.  When we are at our most weakest, most vulnerable moments, are we more open to God?  Is that when God says “Ah hah!  I have a crack, I have space to enter, I am being invited.”  At our most vulnerable moments, our walls begin to lower and we become more open to accepting God and so He meets us when we are ready, when we say “ok now I want you to come walk with me, carry me, I can’t do this alone.”  This is when most of us will probably grow the most in our relationship with God.  We shouldn’t feel guilty that it’s in these moments we cry out to Him the most, we pray the most, we seek His understanding, His comfort, His help.  These are the times where He wants to come to us to give us His love and His comfort.  These are the moments where He embraces our desire for Him, where He pours out all that He is for each of us.  He also meets us in those joyful, exciting, happy moments.  His grace and blessings are in all good things.  His goodness and His love are showered upon us.  Reflect on your moments of weakness, of pain, were you vulnerable to opening your heart to grow in a relationship with God?  Did you accept His invitation?  Reflect on your moments of joy and happiness, did you admire the hands of God and give thanksgiving.

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