Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. When I think about spring, I think about hope. It’s the time of year when flowers begin to sprout and bud. It’s a time of new life. We celebrate Easter, the greatest celebration of the year.

The Easter season follows Lent, a time of death from worldly things, preparing us for new life at Easter, when Jesus rises from the dead. His resurrection brings new life to each of us as He is present in each of us. Our hope doesn’t come from the world or the things in it, it comes from our inner core, our center, where Christ lives within us.

I remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel hope. That feeling was dark and cold. Each day I felt like nothing would change. I would be stuck in this place of pain and suffering. Then hope peaked through a tiny crack of light and my faith began to sprout. The world seemed different. The colors surrounding me became vibrant, the birds were no longer silent and the springs from the ground seemed refreshing.

When hope fills you, a new life and a new journey takes route, leading you to unimaginable landscapes. The walls that were built up begin to tumble and reveal stepping stones to a God who loves you more than anything and guides you closer to Him. He leads you to greener pastures, where the clouds aren’t dark and the sun shines bright, where the wildflowers dance in the fields as a beautiful tapestry of color before your very eyes. As you stand there in awe, taking in all that you can, full of hope, full of life, He holds your hand and you feel the warmth of all His love flooding every crevice of your body. That is the ecstasy of hope.

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