Resurrection through today’s struggles

“Then Jesus shouted, ‘Lazarus come out!’ And the dead man came out, his hands and feet bound in grave clothes, his face wrapped in a headcloth. Jesus told them, ‘unwrap him and let him go!” John 11:43-44

Are you bound by something? Feelings and emotions towards someone? Pain from the past? Words that have entrapped who you are? Regrets? Scars? Bad choices? Unforgiveness?

In the story of Lazarus, when Jesus goes to see the tomb where Lazarus was, He weeps. As I read this story, I sit and wonder if Jesus weeps for me when I am bound by something that is creating unsettled feelings within me. This state circles around and within me, building a wall that prevents me from growing further in my relationship with Christ. Part of me marvels at how I could ask such a question. Knowing who Christ is. Of course He weeps for me and my relationship with Him when I am entangled. How could I ask such a question?

Meditating on this passage reveals so much grace and beauty in the resurrection of Lazarus. Not only does Jesus reveal His humanity by weeping, He also resurrects Lazarus for those who are present to believe. Even more beautiful is what I think He May want you and I to see. I think He has a deeper meaning us buried in this story.

What if Jesus is telling us that when we are attached to these things that create turmoil within us, things that trap us from the fruit He wants us to have, that He weeps for us? How does this help you in your relationship with Him and your healing of your wounds?

“If however, the heart is open and God’s love is being poured out in us, we need simply to surrender ourselves to that outpouring without doing anything except consent to it or else doing what that love itself prompts us to do by way of response.” – A Time for God

“I slept but my heart was awake” Song 5:2

When the heart is wounded, just like any other wound, if not cared for properly it will become infected. The pain, anger, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, whatever is associated with the wound will grow within and around the heart binding it nice and tightly. It only takes a slither of light to slip through the tightly wound shroud to allow God an opening to pour His love within. We don’t have to be “awake” because the heart is attentive. It’s in our release, surrender to the call of Jesus, the outpouring of love calling us out of the tomb and allowing our hearts to be unbound. In many cases, the act of untying comes from another or a movement of a circumstance or state in life.

This story of Lazarus hasn’t had as much meaning to me until now. Several months ago, I found myself bound by a couple of things. I wasn’t quite sure what it was that had me so unsettled. Through the grace of another, Jesus called me out of the “tomb” and asked her to untie me.

The unwrapping was not simple, nor pleasant but it was extremely freeing. It renewed my spirit within me, bringing life and light back into my heart and soul.

I don’t think I ever thought of the resurrection of Lazarus as a resurrection through life struggles. Today as I sit writing, I feel the peace of knowing that in all things and all those in our lives, God has a purpose that draws us closer to Him.

I invite you to consider that when life feels stuck or full of anything other than God’s presence, listen for Jesus. He may just be calling you out of the tomb that is surrounding you and preparing another to answer His call to unwrap you. May God’s blessings be with you today.

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  1. Amen. Great post on resurrection. We have found He unwraps layers of understanding in His word as we mature. This is a great layer. Thank you for sharing!

    Homer Les


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