Joyful season of replanting

“I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land.” Jeremiah 32:41

Are you a gardener? If you garden, you probably have planted something and then later transplanted it to another location. Do you recall the reason why you did so? Perhaps you replanted the plant from a smaller pot to a larger one so that its roots could grow, becoming a very strong healthy plant. Or you replanted it because the nutrients in the soil were not enough to nourish the plant. May be the sunlight wasn’t enough or was too much. There wasn’t enough water or there was too much.

There was likely some important reason that you felt the need to transplant the plant. I think God also finds reasons to replant us, in a little more of a figurative way.

Jeremiah chapter 32 is a message of restoration to the city of Judah. Re-read verse 41. Notice how God delights in doing good for His people and in doing so replanted them in the land.

What about in your journey?

Have you seen moments in your life where you felt God replanted you? He removed you from an unhealthy circumstance. He redirected your heart through conviction or conversion. He opened your eyes to the inner pains of your heart and told you “it’s time to release this, let’s work on this together”. Wherever you are in your journey, I’m almost certain you have experienced some form of “being replanted”.

How did it feel to be replanted? Did you feel joyful, free, excited, strengthened or peaceful?

I have experienced many layers in my spiritual journey. Each seems to produce a different fruit. The most significant layers were God working in circumstances or within me to transplant me. I’ve been replanted from a physical removal from an unhealthy circumstance and also through a deeper digging of the soil surrounding my heart that was not nurturing but draining life from within me. I firmly believe that each of these were necessary for my roots in my faith to grow beyond, becoming stronger and sturdy. It was through these replanting events that I’ve grown and continue to grow, producing a greater fruit within me to overflow externally to those I encounter throughout my journey.

As I write this, I smile at the thought that God wholeheartedly does what is necessary for each of us in our spiritual growth and delights in doing good for us.


He is a loving God that desires a loving relationship with us. He wants to be in unity with all of our being and provide all that is necessary for us to be the “best version of ourselves”.

If God wants to replant you today, will you accept His invitation?

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  1. Oh, he is. Lots of tilling going on right now, but I am listening and turning my face towards the SON!

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  2. When I was growing up my father was a vegetable farmer. Every spring we had to start many seedlings in trays, water them and let them grow. At the right time we had to take those growing plants, remove them from the tray and plant them in the ground. This was a rough and dirty job for plant and planter. Some would not survive the replanting.

    My father taught me that the roots are key to every plant. The roots have to be strong enough to withstand the shock of transplanting. If the plant was small the roots would be able to endure the transplanting process but the plant itself may not be big enough to compete in the field, plus early cold may kill it. If the plant was too large then the root system will be at the edges of the pot. When transplanting the tender roots (the ones that actually drink water from the soil) will be harmed. This will cause root shock. The plant will not be able to sustain the large leaves. It will prune itself back and may even die.

    Roots are everything in the transplanting process.God knows this. He uproots us at just the right time and replants us at just the right time. Even though the process is upsetting to the plant it is best to get it into a new environment where it can gain different nutrients and the root system can expand. God knows this, we don’t. If we allow the ‘root shock’ to affect us we can suffer immeasurably. This is why we need to rest in Him as He upsets our world. He is the master Gardener and we are just plants before Him. As we trust Him He will always place us where we will get exactly what we need.


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