Surrender – optimum massage

Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.

Romans 12:2

Do you like knowing exactly what your next step is in whatever it is your doing?  Everything has to be planned, all the details laid before you in the task at hand? 

What about life?  Do you have to know what tomorrow will look like?  Do you need to know if your going to get that promotion you’re up for?  Or whether you’re going to receive that report from the doctor that your cancer is clear or worst?  Do you try to persuade others or yourself to do something that may result in a desire you are wanting? 

Do you want your hopes and dreams so badly that they control your actions of today?  Or do you place those hopes and dreams in the hands of God, being present today in what only He knows your future holds?

Have you ever received a massage?  If so, what happens if you don’t surrender your body to the massage therapist? 

You don’t receive the optimum massage.

When I go to get a massage, I basically hand my body over to the massage therapist.  I allow this person to move my muscles, rotate my head, lift my head, lift my arms, etc.  If I resist or try to respond by doing it myself versus just relax and allow this person to do it, I don’t receive the best massage that I could. 

Think about that in relation to God.  What happens when we resist God, try to take control of our situations? 

The outcome may still be okay, but it probably won’t be the best.

Think back at a tragic moment, a difficult decision, terrible news that rocked your world.  Did you try to control the outcome?  Did you spend your energy worrying about it or being angry?  Or did you stop and pray about it, delivering the entire thing to God and accepting whatever He thought was best?  If you did the latter, how did it turn out?  Was it more joy filled, peaceful, something you never would have imagined happened?  If your answer was control, worry, angry?  How was your spirit, your emotions on a scale of 1-10 (10 being insanely stressed)?  What do you think would have happened if you did the latter, prayed and placed it in God’s hands?  Do you think the outcome would have been different?  What about the journey through it?  Do you think it would have been easier, less stressed?

Certainty is a big part of our human nature that hampers us from being able to surrender.  We want to be certain of what tomorrow brings.  We want to be prepared, have it all laid before us so we know exactly what we need to do and what the outcome will be.  Life doesn’t happen that way and only God knows the details of what we need to do and the outcome. 

So how do we surrender to God?


Surrender starts with accepting that God is all knowing and all loving and that our purpose is greater than our limited space. 


It also involves communication with God in prayer.  He gave us free will and He isn’t going to interfere unless we invite Him to help us, to take whatever it is, allowing His amazing plan to be done. 

Just like being on the massage table, we have to place our journey in His hands.  His love for us is so great that He would never allow anything to happen to us that would not result in a greater good for us. 

Are you ready to experience the ultimate life-giving adventure?  If so, surrender your will into the hands of your Heavenly Father today, enjoying each present moment.

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