A fight for your heart

The LORD will fight for you; you have only to keep still.

Exodus 14:14

Do you have someone in your life who will always fight for you?  What about someone who will always fight for your heart?  Will they fight all your battles for you?  What about the ones that are raging a war within you?

Have you ever felt discontent with yourself over an argument you had with someone dear to you?  What about a time when your faith was weak and you questioned everything that you know about God and your faith?  How about that shameful sin you committed that was raging war in your heart about the person you truly are?

Who was fighting for you then?  Who is fighting for you now?


It’s very refreshing to know that God is fighting all our battles for us, especially those that are internal. One day, while driving in the car, I heard the song “Fighting for me” by Riley Clemmons. This song has really been speaking to me, especially as I battle the sins I struggle with.

God has been fighting for my heart and yours ever since we were born.  From the beginning of life, He was calling us to Him.  Each battle, we endure internally and externally, He is there just waiting for us to invite Him to come to our aid.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize this until later in our adult life.  It’s then that we finally grasp that the small tug on our heart has been God fighting for it. 

I can write a dissertation on how my journey has been overwhelmingly tough at times. The simple fact about my entire journey is that it became easier when I invited God to be part of it. I can only imagine how many legions He had fighting for me at times. The most excited battle and most important one is the one He fights daily for my heart, to protect me from the vices and temptations of sin.

This war within my heart can be very treacherous and at times, I just want to retreat. When this happens, I feel that nudge, that tug, telling me don’t give up. When I am weak, God is my strength. His mercy, forgiveness and love are all I need to fight the war raging within me. All I have to do is keep my eye on Him as He whispers to my heart, “I have brushed away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like a mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.” (Isaiah 44:22)

Sin festers within us and rears its ugly head creating darkness that leaves us unsettled, ashamed, and unhappy.  God knows us and He fights for us when this darkness begins to shadow us.  He calls us to redemption back to His loving arms. Reconciliation is such a powerful, amazing sacrament in our Catholic faith because it draws us back to our center, back to God’s embrace. Imagine God’s open arms at the end of the road as you return to Him through release of the vices that separate you from all He has in store for you. This is the story of the prodigal son – reconciled to his father.

Riley Clemmons’ song is an awesome reminder of God’s love and how He is willing to fight for us each and every day, hour, minute and second.  I invite you to listen to these words.  As we each need the “kinda love that can outlast the night… that is willing to fight.”

I need the kinda love that can outlast the night
I need the kinda love that is willing to fight

When the going gets tough
And my strengths not enough
I see You showing up like never before
This battle for my heart
You took on from the start
You are the peace when my mind’s at war


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  1. Yes the Lord has been doing everything for me since ages.He is my shield in my battle on this earth.Thanks a lot for sharing. 🌹🙏

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  2. Excellent sister!!!

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