Shelter and Protection

Isaiah 4:6 “For over all, His glory will be shelter and protection; shade from the parching heat of day, refuge and cover from storm and rain.”

Do you have a prized plant, one you nurtured and paid special attention to?  You watched it grow from just a seed.  You marvel in its beauty.  This plant may have some special meaning or connection to a loved one or a special moment in life.

When the hot summer days abound, do you ensure it’s protected from the scorching rays of the sun?  When the storm comes or a deep freeze approaches, so you provide cover for it so that its stem and leaves do not become damaged or die?

Imagine you are God’s prize plant.  When the heat of the day or a raging storm arises, do you seek the shelter and protection He provides?  When you are angry, hurt, frustrated or engage in a heated argument, do you seek His shelter and protection?  When you are hopeless, depressed, lonely or sad, do you take refuge in His shelter and protection?  Today if any negative emotions sweep over you or anything arises that causes you discontent, seek shelter and protection in His arms through prayer.

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