A seed waiting to sprout

Isaiah11:1 “On that day, a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse”

I love taking a walk on a cold, brisk morning. This particular morning as I was walking around the pond before beginning my day, I took in all the things within my visual field. As I walked and noticed the dead grass, the fallen leaves and pine needles, I began to reflect on the season of fall and winter and the hope of spring coming in a few short months. Beneath the fold of the dead foliage on the ground, there are new seeds of life waiting to sprout when the seasons change and we begin to welcome spring. This brings forth hope. It’s hope that there is new life amidst the desolation.

As we read the reading from Isaiah this morning on the third day of Advent, we are reminded of this hope – of wisdom and understanding… counsel and strength… knowledge and fear of the Lord. Advent is a season of reflection and change. It is a season of uncovering the sprout that lies within that is ready to bloom and blossom as we anticipate the greatest gift God has given us in less than 25 days.

Today as you plan your day, whether it is work, shopping or preparing for your Christmas celebration, I invite you to reflect within and uncover the “shoot” within you that is waiting to sprout this Advent season as you prepare your spirit to welcome the coming of Christ.

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