Discontentment to peace

Do not be afraid

Luke 1:30

In the gospel reading for today we hear the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary that she will conceive the son of God in her womb. Mary appears to be a little concerned when she is greeted by the angel and the first thing we hear is “do not be afraid.”

I’m sitting in the chapel as I write this and I want to share that just before reading the readings, I was reading a few Advent meditations with Mary from the book Rejoice. A few, as in, I’m a little behind. In fact, almost a week behind. The first meditation I read was exactly this response by St Gabriel, “do not be afraid.” The reflection was on trust. As I read the reflection, so many things were relatable to me. The greatest fruit I received from the meditation was this invitation of trust and what that trust brings forth for me. It is a dwelling of security in my heart. It’s a delight in knowing that God does have all the things of my heart right in His hands. Accepting this brings me great comfort and rest.

During Advent I think this is important for us because it reinforces this message yet again that when we open our hearts to receiving this gift of Christ, essentially placing our trust in Him, we find great peace. Life becomes simpler and desirable.

Today’s invitation is to evaluate the areas where we have discontent caused by fear, worry or anxieties. Name it and replace it with joy, love and peace that Christ offers you this Advent.

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  1. Yes,those who can trust in the Lord need not be afraid because he controls everything. Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙏🌹


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