Discovering the guiding star

I am the Lord, your God, teaching you how to prevail, leading you on the way you should go. Isaiah 48:17

Isaiah 48:17

My favorite part of my day is my morning walk around the pond. Something about this walk just clears my mind to focus on God for a moment. This morning was no different.  As I walked around the pond, my path was lit by the brightness of the moon.  It was such a beautiful site to peer upon. What it reminded me of was the star of Bethlehem.

My youngest daughter told me recently that she didn’t like the angel as a tree topper but she liked the star. To her the star reminded her of being led to Jesus. I thought this was interesting because the angel had proclaimed to the shepherds about Christ, in essence, leading them as well. I guess in her mind the star was more profound because it GUIDED the wisemen.

In today’s reading from Isaiah, we are reminded that God is teaching us and leading us. Through this season of Advent, He is guiding us just as He did the three wisemen over 2000 years ago to rejoice, receive and glorify Christ. He is teaching us that through Christ we will prevail in all His goodness and by cleansing our heart, finding room for a deeper relationship with Christ, He will guide us through this life to persevere against all odds.

I think the invitation today is to be attentive and recognize the star leading you to Christ found in a person, a moment, a thought, something you read or a stir in your heart. Let this guide you deeper in your relationship with Christ.

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