Trust in the midst of darkness

“My own Jesus, do with me as you wish, as long as you wish, without a single glance at my feelings and pain.  I am your own…. I want to satiate your thirst with every single drop of blood that you can find in me.” 

Mother St Teresa

Do you place 100% trust in God?  Do you trust Him unconditionally?  Do you trust God in the midst of darkness, when you can’t see what lies ahead? Does your trust in God look more like a pie cut in two pieces… one piece is trust in God and the other in yourself?

I like to think that I am somewhat at the half point in my life and I have so much more faith and love to grow within me.  One of the areas over the last few years that I’m learning some deep lessons in is trust in God. 

As the world is faced with this health crisis, trust becomes such a key element for each of us. 

I invite you to ponder these two questions.

What is trust? 

Where do I place my trust?

I’ve told people often, “I trust you”.  When I say this, what exactly do I mean?  Do I have complete trust that this person will do, not do, say, or not say whatever I am entrusting them with?  When I say this, is there any sliver of doubt in my mind?

Trust is having 100% confidence.  It’s having faith.  It’s believing that whatever you are entrusting to someone or something is no longer within your control.

When you walk outside your house you have 100% confidence that there is breathable air outside just as it is inside.  You trust that you will be able to breathe whether you are inside or outside.

This 100% confidence in God is surrendering your will and entrusting Him with everything in your life. 

100% confidence in God = TRUST

The way we do life has changed essentially overnight.  We are faced with fear for our loved ones and ourselves.  We are asked to stay home, to self-isolate and practice social distancing.  We are unable to worship God in the same space as a community, unable to hug or visit our friends and family.  With all of this comes many emotions.  Some of us may be feeling depressed, afraid, lonely, and even abandoned by God.

As we begin Holy Week, one thing is constant – God has not abandoned us.  Easter will still come.  Jesus still died for our sins and will rise on Easter morning.  This is our faith.  It is our confidence in God, where we find that TRUST in the one who has chosen each of us as His own.  Just as He favored Mary and chose her to conceive Jesus in her womb, He has also chosen us to receive Jesus within.  He pours His grace on us 100% of the time when we are open to receiving it. 

In this time of fear, loneliness, and abandonment, remember Jesus’ cry on the cross – “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)  Think about that for a minute in the context of His cry to God in the Garden of Gethsemane.  He already knew God’s plan.  He had already accepted it and He knew God was with Him.  He knew God had not forsaken Him.  He knew He was united with God.  So why did He cry out to God asking why He had forsaken Him?  Perhaps Jesus was emulating our cry to God in our darkest moments, in the moments we feel He has abandoned us.  Perhaps Jesus wanted us to see that even on the cross God had not forsaken or abandoned Him and neither does he forsake or abandon us at our darkest hours.

In the midst of the pandemic that we as a people of God are struggling with, when we feel abandoned and forsaken, look to the cross.  God has not forgotten us.  Jesus will be crucified and resurrected in less than a week.  He dwells in each of us.  Are you willing to place 100% confidence in His love for you by surrendering your fear and finding HOPE?  Are you willing to satiate His thirst by surrendering your will to Him, just as Mother St. Teresa did? 

We are children of God. Chosen, not forsaken! Loved, not abandoned! Forgiven, not rejected!



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