Preparation for the watch

“You, too, must keep watch…”

Mark 13:35

Have you ever gone bird watching? 

I’ve never gone bird watching but have been fascinated with observing birds on my walks or as I sit outdoors.  A bit curious as to what is involved in bird watching – so I googled it. 

Did you know that bird watching requires quite a bit of preparation?  It’s probably obvious that you would need something like binoculars to see from a distance.  Perhaps you would want to bring a camera with a super zoom lens to record the birds you see.  Not to mention, it’s just neat to have pictures of beautiful birds in nature.

Now, that takes care of the viewing.  What about the best time to go bird watching and how to identify the birds you see? 

You want to know the best time to go bird watching to actually see some bird activity. Some birds are most active at sunrise and others at sunset.

What about identifying the birds you observe? Field guides help you to identify the birds in the area where you are watching. It also helps you to identify the unique markings of similar types of birds.

Once you have your binoculars, camera, field guide and know the time you will venture out, you’re all set to go bird watching.

In today’s reading, the first day of Advent, we hear Jesus tell us that coming of the Son of Man is like that of a “man going on a long trip” (Mark 13:34).  He tells us that we should be like the gatekeeper, on watch, for the master’s return.

Today’s reading in Mark and our journey through Advent is similar to bird watching. 

Our Advent journey involves a great deal of preparation of the heart. 

Just like bird watching, we need a field guide – the Word of God.

And there is no better time than the present to begin our watch.

While we are watching, it’s important to be silent and listen as well as observe.  It is in these acts of our presence that we sync our experience through this journey with that of our GUIDE. 

Are you ready to begin your watch?

May this Advent bring you Hope despite the struggles of 2020.

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