An invitation

“It was not enough for God to give us his Son merely to point out the way.  He made the Son himself the way, so that you might journey with him as guide, as he walks in his own way.” 

St Augustine

This first week of Advent is about preparation of our hearts, hopeful in the coming of our Lord. Yesterday, Jesus asked us to maintain watch as we prepare this Advent season. Today, he is inviting our hearts, just as he invited the apostles to follow him. “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19). He is inviting us to hope in a purpose filled journey.

In the first reading from Romans, St. Peter tells us that it is the belief in our hearts that allows us to share the Good News with others.  He also invites us to go out to share the message of Christ with all those who are ready to embrace the hope that Christ’s message brings.  The hope of salvation that God delivers with the coming of a baby boy in the poorest of conditions. 

Are you ready to embrace this invitation with a hopeful heart? To follow him, closer today than yesterday? To share with others his presence in your life?

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