Anticipation with joy

“… all the nations shall proclaim his happiness.”

Psalm 72:17

We are one week away from the birth of our Lord.  Are you excited? 

I remember my excitement as a child awaiting Christmas morning to see what Santa would bring.  The excitement and joy found in a child anticipating what they will find under the tree is a priceless gift for a parent. 

One tradition my girls and I have involves wrapping the baby Jesus’ from our Nativity scenes and putting them under our tree.  On Christmas morning, it is the first gift we open to signify the most important gift in our lives. 

Our Advent journey has brought us from hope into faith.  This week we begin the great anticipation with joy in our hearts. 

I invite you today to celebrate something that brings great joy to your life.  If you are a grandparent, celebrate your grandkids with a visit or a call.  If you are a parent, celebrate your children with a hug, a visit, or a call.  Identify something in your life that brings a great sense of happiness and proclaim that happiness, rejoicing with all the nations as you anticipate the birth of your savior. 

May blessings and joy fill your hearts today and every day.

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