Infusion of joy

“… the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home.”

Matthew 1:20

Have you ever had a dream that spoke to your heart, a dream that perhaps guided you to take part in God’s good will?  Or maybe just a thought that stirred your heart to take action towards good will?  What feelings stirred up?  How did you feel after you completed the tasks?

Part of me wondered this morning what feelings permeated Joseph’s heart and mind when he awoke from the dream.  Was he still afraid to accept Mary being with child and remaining married to her?  Was he filled with peace?  Did joy fill his heart knowing that Mary would still remain his wife and he would be a part of this child that would “save his people from their sins?” (Matthew 1:21)

I invite you to imagine this dream Joseph has and think about a dream or a time that something was stirring within yourself very strongly.  Recall those feelings you had when you received the message and also the disposition of your heart after you fulfilled that message. 

Do you think Joseph may have had similar emotions?  Do you think that once he realized that God was asking him to take Mary into his home and participate in His plan, joy infused his heart and soul?  When you accomplish something God has spoke to your heart about, do you experience an immense wave of joy? 

Rest in those feelings throughout your day and pay attention to all the joy that follows throughout your day.

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