What an imagination?

Today’s journey in the sea was quite interesting… a young princess, we will call her Meg, lost her crown in the ocean and had to live among the commoners. She had to fish and barter for oars, goggles, food and a magical sword. She gained some magical water powers and fought the evil sea monster (aka possibly her sister) with the magical sword…. the story was well played out and in the end the sea monster was defeated and the crown restored.

Amazing the imagination my girls have. I recall many, many years ago, I too had an expansive imagination with my cousins as we made up games to entertain each other. Today, I often wonder where that imagination runs off to as we grow into adulthood.

Our imagination helps us to explore so much of what we are not able to physically experience. St Ignatius calls us to seek out this imagination as we encounter scripture. He invites us to become part of the story. Feel the air blowing through our hair, or the sun beating down upon us. Smell the roads of Jerusalem, the fish Jesus cooks on the shore of the sea. Hear the voice of Jesus, the anger of the Pharisees, the joy in those who are cured. Taste the wine at the wedding of Cana, the bread at the Last Supper. See the gentleness in Jesus’ eyes as he washes Peter’s feet or your feet.

Scripture can take us to a place of deeper connection and relationship with Jesus when we imagine ourselves in the midst of the stories we read. By opening up our senses, we allow God’s voice to be heard through the Spirit as He moves in our imagination.

Just like two kids playing in the pool pretending to be a villain and a princess in distress, we too can reach into our imaginations as we read scripture and become immersed in who Jesus is in our lives and how much more he can be.

I invite you to pick a passage, read it several times and become part of the story, paying attention to the details revealed through your senses.

May the Spirit move you through your adventures in the scenes of scripture, deepening your relationship with Christ and enhancing your awareness of God in your journey. Peace and love be with you today and always.

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