God’s Tenderness, Wounded and Comforted

As a mother, I am privileged to kissing “booboos”, cleaning them up and bandaging them.  The greater privilege is comforting the wounded child, letting her know it’s all going to be okay.  Just as a mother nurtures her child’s wound, so does God.  God so gently “heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds”, Psalm 147:3.  All He asks is that we trust Him to take control of the hurt and allow Him to provide the healing.  He will comfort and heal the depths of the wound with His tender love, mercy, and compassion.  He wants us to allow Him to guide us with His tenderness, to trust Him and not pick at the wound and reopen it.  Just like a surface wound, if we pull off the band aid and pick at it, it never has the opportunity to heal.  Our wounds may have lessons for us to learn as we look back upon them but God doesn’t want us to stay there picking at it.  He wants us to see the disorders present and to fall into His grace and move into His loving embrace, where He will heal and bind up the wound.  He cleanses our wounds with life giving water and His band aid is an everlasting covering of healing.  Let Him nurture your wounds today as you open your heart to His healing love.

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