Faith Can Move Mountains


Everyone has a story, some are hidden and some uncovered, some are joyful and some full of sadness. Most stories are filled with sprinkles of all. At the center of all these stories is God. With trust in God, there is no fear and the sadness is joyful. With trust, the story is not hidden but offered. In Matthew 17, Jesus tells His disciples if they have faith as small as a mustard seed, they can move mountains. I told this to my daughter one day and in her logical mind, she could not connect faith in God to be enough to move a mountain. Most of us struggle with the logical reasoning of human strength that would take to move a mountain. We would have to be Superman to do this. But the reality is that it’s not our human nature, it’s our faith that God can do it for us.

I’ve seen Him move mountains in my life as my faith began as a tiny mustard seed. In the depths of despair, I had little faith that grew into a lot of faith when a mountain was moved before my very eyes. This mountain was not made of rock although it felt as heavy as a rock as long as I carried it. This mountain consisted of fear, of pain, of helplessness, of shame, and of feelings of not being loved. One day the little faith I had, the small amount of hope moved it out of my way so that I could fulfill God’s journey in my life, so that joy could feel each ounce of that mountain and freedom that dwells in trust could prevail. I won’t say that little bits of this mountain doesn’t show up once in a while, like little hills or speed bumps, but God still does not disappoint and I can still move the hills and the speed bumps with the little seed of trust in the Divine Providence of my Heavenly Father. Try it, move your mountain with the faith and trust you have or acquire a small amount to move that mountain stopping you from being the “best version of yourself”, the person God created you to be.

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