Drowning – who will rescue you?

“Reach out your hand from on high.  Deliver me from the many waters.”  Psalm 144:7

Have you ever felt like you were drowning?

In our safety meeting at work this week, our home safety topic was on drowning and what drowning looks like.  Quite interesting!  A drowning victim really doesn’t look like what we see in a Hollywood movie – arms flapping, etc.  A drowning victim looks like someone who is trying to doggy paddle, bobbing up and down in the water mouth submerging under the water, not moving in any direction but remaining stationary.

I found this quite interesting as I analyze life, particularly my life.  I think I’ve been the drowning victim – A NUMBER OF TIMES.  In many cases, no one would recognize because I kept my head above water, but it bobbled time to time and time to time I felt like I couldn’t move – forward, backwards or even side to side.  The beauty of God’s grace is that each time, He reached out His hands and picked my heinie out of the water and I’m telling you there have been many waters He has had to do this.  I even wonder some times if God is tired of being my LIFEGUARD.  All joking aside, I know He is not tired of being my Lifeguard.  He loves being my Lifeguard.

Do you want to know why?

Each time, He lifts me up, new life sprouts in my relationship with Him.  I grow, just like the tree branches of an oak tree – stronger and fruitful.

And I bet you do too.  Think about those times when you felt like you were gasping for air, hyperventilating – may be when someone made you angry, hurt you, you found out someone close to you passed away or became severely ill.  Or just may be, you felt overwhelmed by life – you were constantly giving all of yourself and not feeling appreciated or that anyone or anything was pouring life into you.  You became physically and emotionally exhausted.  All of these things can create feelings similar to the drowning victim – bobbing in the water, head going below the water surface, stagnant.

During those moments, have you seen or felt the hands of God lifting you up?  Perhaps He came in the form of a dear friend, sister, mother, father?  Did He come to you in a moment of silence, rest, or prayer?  What about when you fell on your knees and He just sat beside you embracing you and admiring you.

I’ve had these moments.  Sometimes they hit like a freight train.  I’m telling you that each time, God sent someone or something to lift me up out of the water.  And each time, He pointed me on a path filled with grace to grow in my spiritual journey, to be a better person in every role I have to play on my journey.

Dear sisters and brothers, God doesn’t stand around in the water observing all that He created that is surrounding you.  He is beholding YOU.  When you are bobbing in the water, stagnant and you are struggling to breathe, He lifts you up out of the water and embraces you.



I love this song by Switch Foot – Symphony.

“Even when the dark surrounds
You’ll never let me drown
I know that my hope is found
In the name of Jesus”

Let God write your symphony in the midst of the chaos in your life – even when you feel you are drowning and no one else sees it.  Blessings!

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  1. Very timely. ❤️🙏🏻🕊 thank you!

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