How open are you?

“… ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Luke 11:9-10

Are you asking?  Are you seeking?  Are you knocking?  Mmmm….

These very verses I use to have as my signature on my personal email.  At the time I was definitely asking and seeking.  And I was knocking – praying for an escape door to open.  During that time I was asking and seeking for God to reveal Himself to me.  I was seeking His friendship, His guidance.  And boy did He do a number in His unveiling….  I’ll spare you the details.

What I want to really focus on, as I read these verses in today’s Gospel, is the gift we receive when we are truly open to what God wants to give.  Openness seems to be my story the last several years of my life in my own spiritual journey.  It is through my openness to receiving God’s gift of love, friendship and guidance that I have received what I have asked for, I have found what I have been seeking and He has opened doors for me that I have knocked on.  I’m not sure I would have seen it all if I hadn’t been open.

What does openness look like?

red and black wooden chest on white sand

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Think about a box, it has 4 sides that nicely fit together and whatever is in it stays in and whatever is outside of it stays out.  By design, that is it’s purpose.

What about us and our interior self?  I can theoretically close myself off just like this box.  Not allowing anything to leave my interior – bottling up everything that has inflicted pain, caused loneliness, sadness, anger – you get the drift.  From the exterior, no one or nothing can affect what is going on in the interior – which results in me being totally stagnant with everything inside just twirling around, wanting to get out.  The end result is captivity of self.

Can you relate?  I definitely can.  This was so me many, many years ago.  Today, I recognize when the box starts to close in.  Now instead of remaining closed off in the box, I reach out holding the lid open so that I can receive what God wants me to as I ask to not be held captive and I seek Him – His hands, His overwhelming love and His guidance.  Guess what?  The walls start coming down – my doors opening to so much more in my life that bears fruit in ways that I could never imagine.

It’s being open that I can receive God in my beautiful sisters and brothers, in the things I see in nature – along my walking path or sitting outside watching and feeling nature around me.  It’s in the seeking that I receive the answers to my prayers, the guidance on my journey.  This is when the doors open.  When these doors open, I’m not fleeing but I’m dancing.  My heart is singing and my face is radiant. When the doors open, I know for certain that God has prepared this path for me and it is going to be an amazing walk through each one of the doors that open.

Today, I invite you to receive the gift of openness so that you can receive all the goodness God has in store for you as you ask and seek His friendship, His love, His guidance so that he can open all the doors you knock on.  God’s divine providence in your life is all that you need to be filled with joy, love, compassion and mercy as you journey to your ultimate destination – to behold your Father who created you and live eternally with Him.  Blessings!


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