An ember waiting to be set on fire

Lord, make us turn to you; let us see your face and we shall be saved.

Psalm 80:4

In today’s reading, the responsorial Psalm and in the gospel, we hear a recurring theme of preparation. God is continuing to prepare the way for our salvation. He is also continuing to invite us to prepare our hearts for Christ.

In the reading from Sirach chapter 48, we hear how God’s word brought forth fire from heaven through Elisha and how Elisha was destined to prepare the world for the Lord.

When was the last time the Word of God set a fire in your heart?

In the gospel, Matthew chapter 17, we hear again about Elisha coming to restore the world. When Jesus answers He says Elisha has already come and at this point the disciples realize He is talking about John the Baptist. In Luke 3:4, we find reference to Isaiah that ‘a voice crying in the desert will prepare the way of the Lord and make straight the paths.’ Today, we are reminded of two prophets that were preparing the us for Christ.

Who in your life today is helping you prepare your heart, your home, your life for Christ? Who are you helping?

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