What is your security blanket?

“… shall dwell in security.”

As we continue our journey through Advent, let us be reminded of our security blanket that is found in God.

I’m sure most or all of you have watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas. In this children’s story, we see and hear some very important things about our faith. In the story, one of the Peanuts gang, Linus carries around a security blanket everywhere he goes. There are a few times that he drops or places his blanket down.  During a climatic moment, he begins to tell what Christmas is all about.  As he speaks the words “fear not,” he drops the blanket. Later, he places his blanket around the little tree that appears to be wilting.  After placing the blanket around the base of the tree, the tree stands tall.

This traditional Christmas story speaks volumes about our insecurities and the hope that Jesus brings each season of Advent. I think this is a good example of the things we hold onto for security in the world. In our faith, and the birth of Christ our savior, God gives us a new security blanket. He gives us one we can dwell in forever, because He tells us just as He tells Joseph through the angel “do not be afraid (Matthew 1:20), “God is with us (Matthew 1:23).”

The last few days, I have been a bit concerned about my daughter and her faith journey and my role as her mother in this journey. Today, I am reminded of God’s security blanket, not only for me but for her. My job is to be her mother and to do what God is asking me to do in this role and trust that He will be her security. He tells me to not be afraid, He is with her.

The invitation today is to look within us and ask God what our security blanket is. Is it Him or is it something else?

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  1. Beautiful!! I have many security blankets!!!

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