God’s broad-way spotlight flooding the heart with confident hope

Not only are our lives and all that we are called to do a gift from God, but we are also a gift to God. And we can count on spending eternity in his presence because we are “his rich and glorious inheritance”.

Aligning heart and head to connect this beautiful truth is the hope that his goodness shines upon all things.  All the little moments of our lives are little glimmers of broad-way, where the spotlight is shining directly upon them for all to see his goodness.  These are the moments that bring us “confident hope”. 

It’s that little coincidence that your neighbor has a friend who is hiring for your dream job.  Perhaps, the door closed on the job you really wanted and a few months or a year later, you were hired for the perfect job for work-home life balance.  Or a relationship in your life came crashing down, shattering your heart and later you meet your soul mate.  God doesn’t shatter our lives.  He floods our heart with hope that something greater will rise from our disappointments and pain.

Our lives are God’s broad-way stage and his light floods our hearts while we are performing in each moment of our lives.  It’s knowing that his goodness prevails that guides us in “confident hope” as his “holy people” who are called and “who are his rich and glorious inheritance”.

One of the small moments that God shined the spotlight of hope in my life was in my career.  Today, I have a very good job that allows me to balance work and home life as a single mom because I didn’t receive the job I thought was a stepping stone in my career path.

We don’t know what curve balls life will throw at us tomorrow.  To prepare for tomorrow, take a moment and allow your heart to be flooded on God’s broad-way stage, reflecting on a moment when God created something better from the shattered pieces.  Discover the “confident hope” as he calls you his “rich and glorious inheritance”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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  1. What a beautiful writing of faith, hope and love. ❤️


  2. Beautiful and uplifting today. I can relate to this as many others do I am sure. Keep following God’s directive for you. It’s a blessing to us all.


  3. Love the perspective of God in our life.
    The analogies always inspire my brain to think beyond normal.

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  4. Thanks Joann for such inspiration that lifts our spirits and makes us soar above our limiting problems and worries. You’re a blessing and I bless you for a deeper impartation of wisdom and insight from God.


  5. My life is a living proof that all of the above is true and real. I have always strived to stay focused and rest in that His will be done and not my own. It is not an easy choice because the human in me wants everything to happen NOW… but in hindsight it is always clear that HIS path was the RIGHT path.. He has a plan and if we just let it be and just trust in Him with hopefulness we will reap the rewards.


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