FAITH the Sixth Sense

“For we walk by faith not by sight.” 

2 Corinthians 5:7

“How many steps can I take with my eyes closed?” I was walking on the side walk, along the side of a street outside of our office during lunch. An insane thought popped in my head just how many steps could I take with my eyes closed. I closed my eyes, and quite frankly it was a very eery feeling. At first, I took 10 steps before I opened my eyes. I slowed my pace, focusing on my other senses and mastered 30 steps.

What I didn’t mention with my experiment was that I was reflecting on my own personal trust in God and how it fluctuates like an EKG plot.  Trusting God, giving up control, is an eery feeling.  It can be very frightening, just like walking with your eyes closed on a sidewalk along a street.  What I realized was that when I slowed down, and focused on my other senses I was able to walk further with my eyes closed.  In my experiment, the worst that would have happened is that I would have bumped into a branch or a bush or walked onto the grass median between the sidewalk and the street.  If I would have veered off the path, something would have triggered me to redirect my steps.

Does this sound familiar in our spiritual journey?

When we place our trust in God, will He not redirect our steps if we drift from the path?

One key lesson I took away from this little experiment was that in my spiritual journey I need all my senses to be guided by God, including my “sixth sense,” FAITH.  Faith allows me to trust that God loves me and His goodness will always prevail even when I don’t see it clearly.  But I also walk along my journey through seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.  God uses these senses to guide me in that trust.  He speaks to me using my senses.  When one is closed, He uses another to reveal His direction.  It is my task to be open to the many ways He uses to instruct me as I trust His ways for me.  If I go left and He wants me to go right, I may just bump into a bush that won’t allow me to go left.

He is working through all our senses.  Faith guides us in surrendering while the other senses direct our steps in hearing and understanding the way God asks us to walk.

Will you walk by faith, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting? 

Step 1 – Surrender and walk by faith, trusting in God’s divine goodness. 

Step 2 – Be open, allowing all the senses to speak to your heart along your journey. 

God is guiding you through all “six senses”.  I invite you to trust His plans for you.

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4 replies

  1. Love your post. Love your blog. I like the layout of your blog. I am working on mine again.


  2. Oh my! How pertinent is this blog today? As we go about re-opening our country and our lives in society again, who do we believe and how do we go bravely forward?

    Just possibly, it has nothing to do with who we believe. It has to do with the faith we have, If we close our eyes and trust that we will not be led astray, if we trust that God’s will shall be done then we need have no fear.

    Thank you sweet sister! ❤️❤️

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