Excitement of new life

“And you will have joy and gladness,
and many will rejoice at his birth”

Luke 1:14

If you are a parent, do you recall the first time you heard the news that you were going to bring a child into this world? Or maybe you’re a grandparent or an aunt or uncle and received news of a new baby?

How exciting is that? A baby…

In the readings today from Judges 13 and Luke 1, we hear stories of two women who were barren and are told God has heard them and they will have a baby.  Can you imagine the excitement?  What about the doubt that may have arose as well?

Today, we celebrate the last day of the third week of Advent.  We have spent this past week filling our hearts with joy and anticipation for the birth of a baby. 

But doesn’t this joy and anticipation go a little deeper for each of us?  It’s also a birth within us, a birth of new life in Christ.  Each year this season reminds us that even when our journey in our faith is met with doubt of God’s presence, He fulfills His promise through the birth of our savior.

I invite you today to spend some time imagining the joy that new life an infant has brought to you. Once you feel this joy, think of a moment when you experienced a renewed strength, a resurrection in your faith.  Do you see or feel a similar excitement of joy and anticipation? Let that joy rest with you today, through the season and into 2021.

May your hearts be full of excitement as you await the coming of our Lord. 

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