Joy filled path

In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD! Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God! Isaiah 40:3

Christmas will be here before we realize it. This second week of Advent is a week of preparation, a week of peace as we embrace the birth of Christ in just a short few weeks. Some may say “but He was born over 2000 years ago.” The birth we welcome us the one within our hearts. The space we prepare is the space deep within. Sometimes this preparation can be difficult and challenging. This space may be filled with anger, resentment, or busyness. This week is a week to empty these burdens, to lay them down and find peace within, opening us up to allow a light to shine in the dark crevices of our being.

Today, I invite you to look within and uncover the weeds or the boulders that are filling the space within you. Proclaim these burdens to the Lord and allow Him to make your paths straight by filling in the valleys and making the mountains and hilltops low so that you may not stumble these days ahead of you as you joyously receive Christ deep within.

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  1. It is going to be a challenging and busy week for sure! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Blessigs and peace!


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