Opening the gates of the heart

Let the Lord enter, he is king of glory.

Psalm 24

Earlier in our Advent journey, we found ourselves looking within to make room for Christ in our heart.  As Christmas draws near, we are ready to allow Christ to fill this space, to “enter” our hearts.

As I began Advent, I really was hoping that if I were diligent in focusing on what mattered most during this season, Christ in the deepest roots of my being, then things would be smooth.  I would reach the mountains and the view would be extravagant.  What I found was as I was emptying myself, focusing more on finding peace and joy within, clearing out things that was cluttering the space for Jesus to comfortable rest within me, the road up the mountain was a little rough at times. 

This road traveled these last few days was also rough for Mary and Joseph.  Not only was Mary about to give birth, but she had to travel a good distance on a donkey.  When the time had come, she had no place to rest and give birth to this child that would be the “King of Glory.”  And in the lowest places, she and Joseph brought into the world this baby, Emmanuel.  God would no longer depart from our presence.  He would always be among us.  Our part, is only to open the gates of our hearts and “let the Lord enter.”

Today the invitation is to walk this journey with Mary and Joseph in a reflective light of your own journey and in those moments when you were at the lowest places, what peace and joy could you experience by opening your heart to allow Christ to enter it more intimately. 

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