Awake and arise

Arise, my friend, my beautiful one, and come!

Song of Songs 2:10

The birth of our Lord is a just around the corner.  This morning’s reading from the book of Song of Songs paints such a beautiful picture. 

In this picture, I imagine Jesus is the lover, the one who first loved me, who first peered upon me and told me He loved me and that I was His. He is peering through my window from outside with a joyful smile, inviting me to delight in the beauty of today. He is inviting me to see the beauty ahead of me because “winter is past, the rains are over and gone,” and “the flowers appear on the earth (Song of Songs 2:11-12).” When I look out the window, I peer upon the beauty of this painting. I see my life as a flower sprouting from under the frost of winter, and as it rises towards the warmth of the sun, it requires a little pruning.

This picture in Song of Songs is speaking to us to be awakened and see Jesus peering at us from a trough and inviting us to see hope, peace and love in our lives.  The winter and the rains have gone and He is now here to shower beauty within our hearts.  Embrace these last few days of preparation.  Prepare your eyes to be awakened to a new lover and “arise, my friend, my beautiful one, and come” to your Lord on Christmas morning adoring His face. 

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