How are you being nourished?

“On the mountain the Lord of hosts will provide for all peoples, a feast of rich food and choice wines, juicy, rich food and pure, choice wines.”  Isaiah 25:6

Today, we have an invitation waiting for us. An invitation to quench our thirsts and to be fed. In today’s reading from Isaiah 25, Psalm 23 and the gospel reading from Matthew 15, we hear over and over again how the Lord will provide for us. These provisions are not just physical but spiritual as well.

In Matthew 15, Jesus feeds all these people with a few fish and few loaves of bread.  Physical nourishment is important, but the stronger message in the reading is the spiritual nourishment he provided.  “They all ate and were satisfied.” (Matthew 15:37)

As we embrace Advent, preparing our hearts to welcome Jesus, I invite you to think about your own nourishment.

Where is Jesus feeding you in your life?  Where is he quenching your thirst? 

In Isaiah 25, we hear how God provides the richest of foods, choice wines, healing and most importantly hope.  This message repeats itself through Psalm 23 and also in the gospel reading of Matthew 25. 

Reflecting on all three passages, I see and feel the hope of this Advent season.  Not so much in the physical sense but more so in the spiritual thematic of my life.  Living in the richest country in our world, most of our physical needs are met.  In most cases, it is our spirituality that is starved, that thirsts, that needs to be delivered from death.  That is exactly what Jesus really does in Matthew 25.  Before he physically feeds them, he feeds them spiritually.  He heals their ailments.  I’m certain Jesus didn’t just sit there, not saying a word or not moving their hearts as they each approached him for physical healing.  His touch, his words, his love and compassion also healed their hearts, bringing light into the darkness.

I invite you again to reflect on how you are being fed and quenching your thirst.  If you are still hungry, still thirsty, open your heart to the hopefulness that Jesus brings into your spiritual life this Advent season.

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