The first Adorations of our Lord

“In the Mass and in the Eucharistic Adoration we meet the merciful love of God that passes through the heart of Jesus Christ.”

Pope John Paul II

Today’s reading is a biblical story we have heard many times and is celebrated every year on the Feast of the Epiphany. Today, this story sheds a different light for me than the guidance of the star of Bethlehem and the journey of the wise men.

Over the Christmas season, we witness the first people who embrace the Lord through Adoration.  We know that the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were the first to adore Jesus when He was born.  We also see the shepherds who come to adore Him and now the wise men.

Adoration is something that is very dear to my heart in my journey.  When I discovered this peaceful act of sitting with Jesus adoring Him, my journey, although difficult, seemed easier.  Sitting with Jesus gave me strength for my journey during a time I needed it most.  It also was a place of refuge, a place I felt consumed and covered by His overwhelming love for me. 

Some days I feel I forget how much He loves and know how much He desires for me to just sit with Him and be in His presence.  My heart longs for it at times, yet my mind often tells me I’m too busy.  This morning as I ponder this for a moment, my heart is joyful in the midst of heartache, as I see how great His love is and how at times I place time with Him on the back burner of my life.

Jesus gives 100 % of Himself. 

If we don’t believe that all we have to do is look upon a crucifix or at the Eucharist and recall the sacrifice of His life, His body for each of US.

Today, as I personally journey through life, I too want to always be guided by the light of the star guiding me to adore Christ, just as the wise men were. In 2020, I want to personally challenge myself to spend at least 2 hours a week in the presence of Christ adoring Him. I want to bring Him myself and all He will receive from me, while sitting in overwhelming peace, marveling in His love as I lay my head on His Sacred Heart.

Are you willing to sacrifice at least 1 hour of your week this year to adore Christ, to sit with Him, giving Him 100 % of your heart as He has done for you?

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